Top 5: Favorite Open-World Games

So here’s a story. I just started replaying Skyrim. The end.

Well, I didn’t say it’d be a very exciting story.

I’ll have more to say on Skyrim later this week, but for now, it’s worth revisiting this post I recently wrote for Virtual Bastion on my some of my favorite open-world games. Sans, Skyrim. But I already told you that story.


As much as I enjoyed my first trek through Mass Effect: Andromeda, the game left me a bit soured with regard to open-world games. Surely the feeling is only temporary, but as I search for something to take its place that’s not Borderlands 2 (so fun!), I find myself avoiding anything that resembles an open-world experience (even though Borderlands 2 does kinda, sorta fit that bill). The dilemma, though, lies in the fact that I’ve woven my way through some fantastic sandboxes in the past, so why not pick one to play again or for the first time? Why not choose an open-world game that gives players freedom, provides an excellent story and a beautiful (or beautifully dangerous) environment, along with substantial or unusual side quests that are worth pursuing? Once I started looking at my options, the floodgates opened. I eventually came up with many more than five…

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Saints Row IV. Where do I even begin…?


(Spoilers ahead? Perhaps, but minor. Nothing that should prevent one from getting down and dirty with this excellent game.)

In my mind, the story of Saints Row IV picks up somewhere in the future-space as predicted by the movie Idiocracy, where a pro-wrestler is president and America’s brainpower has devolved to the point where everyone thinks that water (i.e. from the toilet) is dangerous to drink.

In other words, a straight-up vision of the world today.

In other other words, Brawndo — it’s got electrolytes!

Oh, but I digress…

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