A Gaming Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions? No thanks. I’m usually all like “blah blah blah” when it comes to making resolutions for a coming year. And I thought that this year would be no different…until I kinda, sorta, accidentally made one. It’s a small one, and one that really only involves video games (because, OF COURSE!). Or, maybe it isn’t a resolution at all? Head over to United We Game for the post, and I’ll let you be the judge!


Image by Flickr user sanjitbakshi (CC)Image by Flickr user sanjitbakshi (CC)

When midnight struck on January 1st, I swore to myself that this was going to be a year without resolutions.  While I’m not exactly a stickler when it comes to this yearly habit, I’ve almost always made, if not lists of solid resolutions, then lists of things I’d like to accomplish within the span of a new year. But this year, I decided it was high time I just wing it. No lists. No resolutions. No goals. I decided that this year I was going to be like water. To go with the flow. To adapt when necessary and to remain otherwise at peace.

And I was perfectly pleased with my decision. Only then, during a New Year’s Day gathering, I was asked the question of all questions: “So, do you have any resolutions?” Cornered with egg nog in one hand and…

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Making New Year’s resolutions, this time with more Skyrim

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions; not officially anyway.  As much as I love Christmastime, once it passes, something about gearing up for New Year’s makes my cynical self rear its ugly head.  Yeah yeah, 2012…remember this, reflect upon that…blah blah blah.  Resolutions…ugh, who needs ’em, right?  Broken promises and (nothing but) shattered dreams!


This year I do have a couple resolutions, actual resolutions.  Really.  And I’m going to write them down here, which makes them very official.   Maybe this’ll be the perfect impetus to continue with the whole resolution thing in the future.  Or maybe I’ll fail miserably and be so disappointed in myself that I’ll just give up on life entirely. (My cynical self is just laughing at me right now…sigh)

Anyway, while there are plenty of things I want to accomplish in 2013, I have two main resolutions:

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