Ac!d Commander: Let’s get KRUNK!

OMG, I just typed “krunk.” Seriously, what the fuck? Who am I, even? And what is wrong with me?? … … …


Oh, yeah…Ac!d Commander, that’s what!

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Sam and Max Hit the Road: Episodes 7 and 8

May is almost over, and so is Sam & Max Hit the Road! I’ve got here the final two episodes of my playthrough of the game. I wish I had more to say than that, but I am so tired right now that I might just collapse into my keyb4n89eioweiooo nkewffhaiorfjk ;aweli j

**snoresniffle** Huh? Wha…? OH. Thanks for sticking with me through on this bumpy, non-blogging road. I’m going to be back next time (that’d be  next month. Also holy hell! June already?!) catching up with my “Play or Pass” posts. It’ll be sooooooo good to be back. For now though, more sleep…


Sam and Max Hit the Road: Episodes 5 and 6

Is everyone still with me, because we’ve now in the latter half of my month of less (read: no) writing and more videos! In case you hadn’t heard, this month sucks for me, and I have no time for anything fun. (Still, I remain quite optimistic that life will return to a more normal state next month, though it remains too early to tell.) But enough about me; how are you? Is everything peachy in your neck of the woods? Got a little time to spare for a couple of Sam and Max Hit the Road videos? Because now things in the game are really heating up as our investigative team veers into complex territory. No longer are they on a simple rescue mission…no, they must help save…THE WORLD! Eh, sorta.

Sam and Max Hit the Road: Episodes 3 and 4

Welcome to week two of my month “away” from writing! Um, I suppose that’s not something to celebrate. But! I’ve got two more Sam & Max Hit the Road videos to share, so that’s worth something! In these episodes Sam and Max really get out into the crazy world of tourist traps and strange destinations to solve the mystery of Bruno and Trixie. Is it possible that things get even more ridiculous than they’ve already become??

Yes, it is.

Sam and Max Hit the Road: Episodes 1 and 2

Alrighty, folks! I hereby kick off this month of  classic point-and-click adventuring with the first two episodes of my playthrough Sam & Max Hit the Road. (And if you’re all like WTF??!, then please read this post. Though you should have read it before clicking on this post but whatevs, yo. I’m not your damn mother.)

The thing about point-and-click games is that, because they aren’t all flashy and shooty, there’s got to be something right off the bat that grabs your attention. The prologue and opening scenes of Hit the Road demonstrate this beautifully. They set up not only the story of our unlikely PIs but also allow plenty trademark humor to shine bright as day. So I’ll be brutally (and stupidly) honest, if you aren’t enthralled by the time I get out onto the world map first episode, then this game — playing or watching — probably isn’t for you. And that’s fine; I’m not here to change anyone’s mind about game. But if you stick with me through the series, I promise that we’ll have one hell of grand time in the gloriously silly world of Sam & Max.