Back together at last…Metallica and Lady Gaga!

Guys, guys…GUYS! Did you catch the Metallica/Lady Gaga performance from the Grammy’s? Um…I didn’t at the time, because (1) meh…The Grammy’s, and (2) The Walking Dead (which is nowhere near as good as it once was but I’m in too way deep to give up on it now). But! Thanks to the Internet, I finally saw it. And I gotta say…


And despite the sound problems that occurred, I mean that in the nicest way possible.

(Haters gon’ hate, btw. I’m sure that this performance had many up in arms. And, y’know, Metallica is polarizing, generally.)

(Quick now, before the video gets taken down! Pretty sure this is one dude’s recording [as you can hear said dude in the background] that keeps getting circulated around through various “users.” C’mon CBS, just put the damn performances online already!)

Now, you know that I like me some Metallica. And I have been suitably jazzed by their latest album, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, which is so glorious in heart-pounding, head-mashing thrash. Ah, how it warms the very cockles of my heart to see these guys take back their spot in old-school metaldom in such a ball-to-the-walls manner.

And my husband agrees with me. So when we both heard prior that Lady Gaga would be performing “Moth into Flame” with the heralded band during the Grammy’s, we wondered what that would mean. In my head I saw something akin to a mash-up,  a performance that somehow smashed together metal and pop. Something like Wax Audio’s Lady Judas, which remains one of my all-time favorite mash-ups. He predicted that she would be even metal-er than the band. And we both worried a little that, because it’s the Grammy’s, things might venture a little either into the cheesier side of performance art or into the dreaded “safe zone.” But once those guitar riffs started, it was obvious that cheese was no where in site. And no one was safe.

And despite the issues with James Hetfield’s mic (for shame Grammy people!), both the band and Ms. Gaga looked like they were having the time of their lives. God, that was so good to see. Because with all the shit that’s going on in real life, it’s all the more fucking awesome to see people doing the things they love, and then having those things result in nothing but pure joy.

Now, on another note, I’m not sayin’ that Lady Gaga should make a metal album, but goddamn if she couldn’t. I don’t know that thrash quite suits her — with her deep set of pipes, she seems more in tune with the soaring sounds of Dio or Bruce Dickinson. Pure, grandiose heavy metal over something faster. But what the hell do I know? Nothing, really.

On a related note, here’s a video I recently stumbled across. It really wierded me out at first, but then, I got over myself. I had honestly never asked myself “what might Metallica sound like as a pop-punk band?” This guy provided the answer, and it doesn’t sound half bad.


Album Rundown: Metallica

One of the most awesome things about blogging is that inspiration can strike at any moment, and it come from the least expected of sources. Last month, I received a comment on my iTunes Diaries post about Slayer from the mind behind Games I Made My Girlfriend Play concerning Metallica. The comment read, in part:

I would love to read your thoughts on Metallica. Perhaps an iTunes Diary post about Master of Puppets is in our collective future?

I responded in kind as to why nothing from my Metallica collection would qualify for the iTunes Diaries (in short: I own the albums on CD and the iTunes Diaries posts are about single songs I download from iTunes), but the thought remained. Why not dedicate a post to Metallica? Though I don’t possess every Metallica album and can’t claim to be the band’s #1 fan, I followed Metallica closely for awhile, and my iPod just wouldn’t be “my iPod” without its music.

In thinking about how to best approach a musical, compilation-type post like this, I decided to arrange the albums in the order in which I was introduced to them, rather than simply chronologically or by some other scheme. That just made the most sense, because Metallica hasn’t always fit so snugly into my musical life, and the moments I came into possession of their albums were unique. But don’t worry, I’ll refrain from drowning this whole operation in nostalgia. If anything, shorter will be sweeter. I’ll touch upon likes and dislikes and maybe get into the musicality of each album (lightly that is — I’m no musicologist). And as I said, this won’t cover every Metallica album, just the ones I have. Onward then! And into the void…

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iTunes Diaries, entry #12: “Alone” by Suicidal Tendencies

I was once a little…um, okay, terribly obsessed with iTunes.  I got my first iPod in 2004 and became immediately entranced by Apple’s seeming infinite lists of music for sale.  Over the years, I spent way too much time on iTunes and spent way too much money on music, some of which was great, and some of which was not.  In 2011, for the sake of my sanity and my bank account, I went cold turkey.  I suspended my iTunes activities and completely stopped visiting site.  With the iTunes Diaries, I take a look back, highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly in music that I just had to have in the moment. 


I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m some master of thrash metal music. Because I’m not. In fact, if Metallica’s “One” from their …And Justice for All album hadn’t made it into Top 40 radio, and if I hadn’t been such a fan of the weekly list in the first place, then I probably might have never discovered the genre. Actually, that’s probably not entirely true. I might have traveled a more circuitous route to hardcore through the mainstreamier sounds of hair metal of the 80s and early 90s, because there aren’t a million degrees of separation between Motley Crüe and Slayer (in fact at least, if not in spirit). Regardless, hearing “One” on the radio, amid a musical landscape that was ruled by boy bands and girl talk, marked a decided turn in my aural tastes. (Funny thing though, I don’t have many Metallica songs on my iPod, even though I think they’ve got an amazing catalog up to The Black Album. But more on that another time.) What “One” did was introduce me to the driving, needful, and intense sounds of thrash. In my head, those sounds, well…they just stuck with me, and the addiction grew from there. I borrowed …And Justice for All from a friend and made a copy, and I got The Black Album as soon as it was released.  It wasn’t long before I started craving more and tried to figure out ways to sneak in viewings of MTV’s Headbangers Ball.  You’d have never known it by looking at me the metal fire that raged in my veins. I was just a ordinary, dorky high schooler.

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