#Listmas2016: What I’ll be playing next year…from the backlog

As the revisiting of Listmas posts on UWG continue, at the end of last year I was prompted to take a long, hard look at my backlog of games and compare it to games promised in 2017. And while this year is going to be a good one for gaming, I realized that I’ve got some pretty darn good gaming fare already at my disposal. Hence, for me, this year my gaming is going to be about clearing out some old titles to…well, make way for some new ones, surely.


For those of us who play video games, it’s sometimes customary to take a little time at the end of any given year to look into what might be on our gaming plates in the next year.  To round out Listmas here, I’m giving into this same, fun habit with two posts related to my gaming hopes for 2017. In this first post, I’ll be covering the games from my backlog that I’d like to get through year. I figure that if I can make a concerted effort to play and complete games that I already have, then I’ll be able to supplement my library with new games (the subject of next week’s post).  As I’ve already got a couple games in progress already, I’ll cover them first in a quick paragraph, and then I’ll get to the “new” games. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!

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Five Favorite Songs from Chrono Trigger…So Far (#Listmas2015)

I’m really glad that Chrono Trigger turned out to be my game project this year. I can see why people adore it so. It’s complex and touching story is wrapped up in simple vestments, making it much less intimidating than many modern RPGs and JRPGs. The game flows so naturally, despite containing unnatural and supernatural events. Overcoming its obstacles is challenging but never insurmountable. And playing into the drive to see Crono’s story through till the end is the game’s soundtrack. I’ve definitely looked forward to hearing news sounds every time I enter a new place. And how many new sounds there are! I’m kind of amazed that the composers managed to cram in as much music in the game as the did. So with that said, I present for this Listmas my top five favorite songs from Chrono Trigger so far. (Up the point of reaching Algetty, though I have progressed a bit farther since.)
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And the Winner is…! Not Me. But that’s okay because #Listmas2015

Some other very cool people won!

Following up on my post about Bytes that Rock!, the winners of their best video game blog award were announced as follows:

1st place: 2D Game Art Guru
2nd place: Gamers Sphere
3rd Place: 1001up

I’ve been following Gamers Sphere and 1001up for awhile now, and I highly recommend both sites to anyone interesting in keeping up with game and pop culture news, from the mainstream to the obscure. Both sites are especially infused with the personalities of their writers, making them all the more unique in a sea of game blogs/sites. 2d Game Art Guru is new to me. I’m not in game design, but after perusing the site, I can certainly see why it’s deserving of this recognition. The site is chock full of a wide variety of tutorials for anyone who’s in or looking to be a part of game design in some way. Kudos to its proprietor!

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Relistmas 2014!

With 2014 becoming a mere glint in our minds’ eye, let’s not forget that last month the blogosphere celebrated Listmas! Although the format was changed slightly from the previous year, the results were no less than spectacular. Over on United We Game, a mere 12 days ago, we celebrated everyone’s contributions to #Listmas2014 in a grand post full of grand links, which you can link to below. Shout outs here to everyone who took time to write a list or feature the event on their sites. I’m already looking forward to Listmas 2015!

Bio Break
Cannot Be Tamed
Gamer Crash
Geek Force Network
Hack “N” Slash
Healing the Masses
Herding Cats
Life As A Digital Salad
Me vs. Myself and I
MMO Gypsy
Murf Versus
The Rhodes Review
Why I Game


Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet

Greetings, everyone, we had a great Listmas this year, and now it’s time for the master list!  Yes, dear readers, it’s Relistmas Day, one of the jolliest days of the year, where we will get to behold a mighty list to end all lists, a list of all the Listmas posts published this year (if I missed any, feel free to let me know so I can add it).  I hear it’s very useful for checking out any Listmas posts you might have missed….  Hint hint.  Anyway, merry Listmas, everyone!

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#Listmas2014: Pokemon LeafGreen has taught me a thing or three

#Listmas2014 is in full swing, as is my desperate attempt to complete Pokemon LeafGreen. While that bit might not be going very well, things are looking grand Listmas-wise! Here’s my first entry for the event, which is about…suprise! Pokemon LeafGreen. Sorry, it’s been on my mind quite a bit lately, most for reasons involving the difficult time I’m having beating it. (More on that in an upcoming Project 151 post). When you go to check out the post below, (which I just know you’re going to do…yes?) be sure to check out the other Listmas posts now up on United We Game. The event runs till 12/31, so there’s still lots of time to get in on the all the Listmas action!


11498039056_c922edae81_hImage by Flickr user aidanone* (CC)

The second half of this year has been, for me, all about Pokemon LeafGreen. After plenty of internal debate and more than a little help from my Internet friends, several months back, I decided to play LeafGreen, my first ever Pokemon game. I wish I could say that I’ve completed the game, but I haven’t…yet. (I’m really close though!)

Despite the fact that I’ve been playing video games for a while now and thought that I knew everything I needed to know about them, LeafGreen has instilled a number of importance lessons that I either completely took for granted over the years or, for one reason or another, just never learned. So here, for you and #Listmas2014, are three big take-aways that I’ve gotten from, of all things, a Pokemon game, proving that the world really does work in mysterious ways.

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Merry Listmas 2014!

Can you believe it’s that time again — Listmas! That wonderful time of year when bloggers everywhere gather round the digital fire to take a break from heavy-duty writing and regale the world with lists, lists, and MOAR LISTS! United We Game, with support from Mr. Murf of Murf Versus, will be hosting the event, so click the link below for all the details. Now…get to writing those lists! And be sure to tag the titles #Listmas2014!


Image by Flickr user: commorancy (cc)

Merry Listmas everyone! That’s right the most list-tacular blogging holiday is back this year, and it all starts today!

Just like last year, this Listmas season United We Game and Murf Versus are challenging our fellow bloggers to put together lists of any and every sort! Your favorite games, least favorite foods, the top 5 dog breeds that resemble other animals (if you so desire)! From now until the 31st, list to your hearts content and tag it with #Listmas2014 in the title! We’ll be looking for those lists to add to our master Listmas List, which will link back to everyone else’s lists and will be updated at least weekly depending on how many lists we find (up to 5 per blog).

December 31st will be Relistmas Day! On that most list-tastic of days, the full and final Listmas List will…

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Listmas 2013: Five things that make me love Grand Theft Auto V more than I thought possible

What’s that? WTF is Listmas?? Well now, just give me moment to explain. We all know that the throes of Christmas will soon be upon us, and it is with high holiday spirits that the bloggers of Murf vs. Internet and Healing the Masses thought to bring together people from the blogosphere through the magic of lists. Click on those links back there for more information, and if you haven’t already, be sure to stop by the host site, United We Game, where links to all these glorious lists have been and will be posted! I have a couple lists up on UWG along with the other admins, Hatm0nster and The Duck of Indeed, but my personal contribution to the celebration is as follows.


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