Saving the best for first: Super Metroid

Before writing this post I thought “should I really start with my favorite game?  One that makes many other games pale in comparison?”   Hell yes, I decided, because sometimes ya just gotta have dessert first.

So, it’s been said before and I’ll say it again.  Best. Game. Ever.

Super Metroid cover art © Nintendo (source)

Super Metroid, released by Nintendo in 1994, has all the elements that make up the greatest of great games: story, action, intensity, the chance for exploration, the discovery of new abilities, and replayability to the nth degree.

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I probably should have been gaming instead of watching TV.

I recently saw this commercial on TV…

…and I snapped. “Why couldn’t the sword have fallen into a girl‘s hands?!” I yelled, thankful I was alone at that moment lest I sound maniacal in mixed company. “Why did the sword have to PASS BY an oh so studious GIRL who’s engrossed in READING?! Will advertisers EVER show a girl paying a video game that DOESN’T involve cute animals or dancing??!!” [huff, huff, irk, irk]

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