A new PS3 and a conversation about old school games

It arrived! It finally arrived! 😀

source: me!

Deliveries were a little delayed this week, but this most lovely package graced our doorstep yesterday.  After the most minor of delays, we tore (carefully) into the box and started setting up the system.  This slim PS3 is so skinny compared to our original beast!  And my husband’s on cloud nine!  As we were setting things up, he almost cooed at the screen as the network loaded, whispering sweet nothings about how much he missed gaming…or maybe he was just trying to remember his PSN login stuff — the look on his face was the same in either case.  After the system was ready to go and he sent out the prerequisite “I’m back!” message to all his friends, it was time for some Assassin’s Creed 3, which he’s simply been dying to play.  Game in and…loading, loading, loading…omfg…LOADING STILL!  (Oh modern games with your crazy-ass load times! I grrrrr but *heart* you still.) In the meantime, for me, welcoming our newest system brought back all sorts of memories, mostly Christmases and birthdays where game systems and games were received.  I started reminiscing and the following conservation resulted, which I inadvertently and much to my husband’s dismay-turned-tolerance formulated into an “interview” about his early gaming experiences.

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I’m going to dress you up in my love. (All over, all over.)

Here we are in the dark, spoOoOOoky, and waning hours of Halloween. We had a few trick-or-treaters today — not enough to empty our giant bowl of candy (oh darn). It seems Batman and Bratz (ugh) are quite popular among the kids, though we did get a very creative My Little Pony.  But we all know Halloween costumes are not relegated to the youth.  Did you dress up in costume today? Perhaps you are still dressed up, wondering where you are, what you’ve been doing, and why tequila shots make you feel all numby and stuff.  Halloween’s not my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy costumes and seeing what adult costumes are this year’s latest and greatest. (Or, if you’re a girl, this year’s most asinine ways to just barely cover up your lady parts.)

I’m sure she wants to be launched at your piggy. Your big, bad, piggy… (source)

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Atari’s Home Run, or maybe just a foul ball called fair

I grew up in a baseball household.  My dad played it, still plays softball, and has been an MLB fan for many years. My mom was always a cheerful supporter.  I fondly remember watching professional teams play on TV and going to my dad’s games.  When my brother and sister came along and were old enough, we had our own backyard team.  I know that my dad hoped all of us would become involved in the sport, and well…two outta three ain’t bad.  But together we watched many a World Series and rooted for our local (or close enough) Phillies.  My favorite players were Mike Schmidt and Tug McGraw, and Veterans Stadium (RIP) was the place to be. The Phils were pretty good back then, and I never forgave them for the debacle of 1993 (go Blue Jays!) and the awful Dykstra/Kruk/Wild Thing years that followed.  I moved on to root for New York teams, and kept up with the sport fairly regularly until the early 2000s when it seemed dope, greed, and carelessness ruled the field.

Boy, the nostalgia ship really sailed on that one (sorry)…

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Super Mario World, Yoshi, and maybe one too many words in all-caps.

Dinosaurs. They’re pretty cool, right? I mean, they are by far the most popular exhibit in any natural history museum. How many kids think that digging up dinosaur bones is the coolest job ever?? (Do kids still think for themselves these days?)  What would the history of this planet be without dinosaurs??? B-o-r-i-n-g, that’s what.

So insert a dinosaur into a video game, in this case with Mario and Luigi, and it’s bound to become a fan favorite for generations upon generations, without a doubt!

Er.  Well….


Yes!  Yoshi!

Yoshi in his latest “3D” form. (source)

This loveable, rideable green dinosaur was introduced to video gamers in the incredibly fun and popular SNES game, Super Mario World (1991). Now, I liked Super Mario Brothers. I fell in love with the tanooki, frog, and raccoon suits in Super Mario Brothers 3. But Super Mario World truly captured my heart.

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Video game endings and (probably) the last of what I have to say about Mass Effect 3

Well, there you have it. That ending. It was something…else…? I mean that thing…whoa, right? And then I was all like what the eff…??? But that was after the whole ordeal with those guys and the stuff… It was like, um…yeah it was!

Really? Hmm.

(First of two, that’s right, two **spoiler** warnings)

I recently, finally finished ME3, and I took a little time to fully digest the ending. And since the whole thing is finally down, I really don’t want to regurgitate everything that happened, so here’s the super-kinka-maya-maya-quicky version.  Shepard made it to the Reaper beam after nearly being killed in the London siege. (I really thought she was going to die during it and someone else from the team was going to take over, but no). The ship, the dead bodies, Anderson, Shepard’s slow (OMG SLOOOOOW) stagger to that infinite room, the Illusive Man, the shot, the “elevator” ride, the ghost boy “catalyst,” the big, big choice — control or destroy the Reapers. I listened, a little unsure about the whole thing, and then I made my choice: destroy. Big cut scene, Shepard may or may not be dead, Normandy narrowly escapes and ends up on a virtual Garden of Eden planet. Credits roll.

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Move over Zangief, there’s a new girl in town

This is Morrigan Aensland.

And she is awesome. (source)

She’s a young girl, with bat wings and (usually) green hair.  She’s vain, she’s cute, she has little bat decorations in her hair and on her costume.  She’s magical and savage.  She’s strong and surprising.  She’s wily and forceful.  She’s winning all over the place.

I first met Morrigan in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium, a fantastically fun fighting game for the Playstation 2.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 cover art © Capcom, Sony (source)

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With games and then without: some musings

“I’m getting grumpy without my games,” my husband said to me during a recent quiet evening of TV.

“Huh?  Oh…no PS3, right.” I’d been so caught up in ME3 on the 360 of late that I had kinda forgotten about the empty space where the old console used to be.

I paused.  “I thought you were okay with waiting to get the Assassin’s Creed 3 bundle – it comes out at the end of the month.”

“Well…yeah…” he trailed off. “Maybe I’ll just get that treadmill.”

“Hmm, that’s been on our to-get list for awhile now, right?”

He didn’t reply and turned back to the TV.  But I know he was not thinking about a treadmill.

Later that night, I brought up his initial comment about him missing “his games” in the context of living with video games for one’s whole life, then suddenly doing without.  Video games are something we’ve both blended into our lives over long periods of time, him longer than me.  When the PS3 first broke, he thought it might have been a sign of moving on. Maybe his time with games was over.  But as he’s discovered over the past few weeks, he can’t not escape video games.  (That, and I think he REALLY wants to play Resident Evil 6….and Skate 3…and Assassin’s Creed 3…and…Dishonored…and…)

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I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me (before the universe is destroyed, please).

Attention: more Mass Effect-edness ahead, with **spoilers** likely.


Mass Effect 3 cover art © Bioware, EA, Microsoft (source)

So. I’m really close to finishing up Mass Effect 3. Or at least, I think I am. I’m in London and…well…you know how it goes. You’ve played it, right? I’ve been getting more and more twitchy the padt couple times playing, so I’m anxious to see how everything wraps up. But that’s not what’s on my mind at the moment; something else is. Namely, the quirks of romance and relationships — in Mass Effect. (But not with emphasis on the awkward sex scenes or sexual preferences issues.)

In my previous post I mentioned that my current Shepard romanced Garrus in this game and Mass Effect 2. In ME1, she (read: I) somewhat unintentionally ended up playing both Kaiden and Liara until a choice had to be made. TI;dr: I ended up going with Liara.

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