Binging on Some Food for Thought

I know I should do a reblog, but a question has been bugging me lately, and yesterday it became even more of an aggravation. And that’s because I read yet another article in the local newspaper about the best binge-worthy TV shows. These articles are pretty commonplace these days, and it seems that binge-watching is here to stay. If fact, it’s practically something to brag about – how one’s weekend was spent on the couch, engrossed in whatever show of whatever genre, out of the sunlight, away from socialness, stopped only for takeout, texts, and bathroom breaks…maybe. This is alright. This is cool. This is acceptable. And though the newspaper didn’t have a comment section, I’m certain that the corresponding article in the paper’s digital version probably got lots of supportive comments and thumbs up.

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It pays to be versatile and sunny!



In the not too distant past, a couple awards were sent my way from some very nice bloggers. From Vitosal of Gamers Therapy and Planet of the Gamer I received the Versatile Blogger Award, and a nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award came from InvaderC8! And for this, they are all awesome. And that awesomeness extends well into these blogs, which are all chock full of game news, stories, and whole lots more. So if you’re not following them, you totally should be, because it’s the right thing to do.

Alrighty then! As we all know by now, in order to fully accept any such community awards, there are protocols to follow. Given that I was notified of the Versatile Blogger Award first, I’m going to follow its rules, though the rules for both awards are very similar, and they are:

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The relationships we keep, with humans and games

Last week on the Geek Force Network, I wrote about my relationships both with games and my better half. I’ve touched upon some of the themes I addressed in my posts here, but consider this GFN article a collected effort of those themes. When you have true a true passion for a hobby like gaming, it helps to find someone who shares it. But even the most the most alike of couples have their differences.

Geek Force Network

game controllers

Last Saturday, Robo♥Beat owner and GFN writer and  Ashley Hagood posted a wonderful article about finding time to game – I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. Oddly enough, that same day, the notion she discussed about time and gaming manifested itself in reality — my reality. Shortly after reading her post, my husband and I started a discussion about our plans for rest of the weekend. During that talk, I mentioned (in passing, I thought) that I wanted to squeeze in some GTA V. Without missing a beat, my husband perked up with a half-sarcastic, half-serious comment along the lines of have you always been such a gamer? I paused for a moment and replied with an enthusiastic and slightly exaggerated uhhh…YEAH! We ended our conversation, but I could stop thinking have I been talking about GTA V that much recently? And yes, I probably…

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