Best Video Game Series: (25) Donkey Kong

Life can be confusing sometimes, but rest assured, everything is fine. You are fine. I am fine. And video games are fine. That’s why when the good people of the Objection Network (formerly At The Buzzer) invited me to participate in a Top 25 countdown of favorite video games series, I was more than happy to oblige. This post here kicked off the Top 25 with everyone’s favorite pixelated gorilla: Donkey Kong. Click on through to view this post and to join the list-mania over on Objection Network!

Objection Network

This is Objection Network’s countdown of the top 25 video game series of all-time. We’re counting down to the best franchise ever on March 31. For more info on the voting process, click here.

25) Donkey Kong (3 votes, 54 points)

Chris: The first member of the DK crew snuck into the top 25 on the strength of the Country games alone. All three people who voted for the series mentioned Country specifically, and it’s no surprise — all three Super Nintendo games are highly regarded, and Returns and Tropical Freeze also received good reviews. That’s not to say that Donkey Kong’s other outings have been worthless; the original Donkey Kong is one of the most well-known games ever made, and 64 had its charms (and a million collectibles). Plus, Diddy Kong Racing technically falls under this umbrella as well. We’re just going to pretend that Donkey Konga (and…

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Project 151: A New Initiative

We interrupt your regularly schedule reblog to bring to you some breaking news:




Sorry, I’ve no idea why I felt the need for the dreaded all-caps, but that’s how things are sometimes.

I’ve never hid the fact that I’ve never played a Pokémon game. I first wrote about my experience with the Pokémon phenomenon on this here blog. Recently, I covered something similar over on United We Game. And even more recently, I’ve started poking and prodding friends, both face-to-face and online, about the games. Which ones are their favorites? What’s a good game with which to start? Will I really be able to die happy after having played one? Y’know, questions.

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