From Console to PC and Back Again

During a recent review of the contents of a couple old USB drives that I had forgotten that I stashed away, I found a handful of articles that I had written for a site that went defunct. Since I hate for words to sit unread (even those in incoherent, rambly sentences), I decided I might as well share them here. Here’s one from around January 2013 in which I mused over my then-flailing relationship with PC gaming.

One of the great things about gaming is that it’s a pastime that comes with options. It wasn’t always like that, but by the time it entered my life, I was faced with an endless string of games of all sorts that vied for my attention. But because my early gaming life was regulated by my parents, it was generally filled with standard, family fare of the time. My siblings and I progressed from the Atari to the NES to the SNES within a decade. Over time however, the parental controls loosened. We eagerly conquered a variety of platform games, fighting games, racing games, and everything in between. In addition, we had a number of games for our PC. In between my time with Mario and Ryu, I remember sinking hours into old favorites such as Frogger and Q*Bert, and new titles such as Commander Keen. And just as I was sure that my path with video games would forever remain idyllic and innocent, along came DOOM.

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