The best blog posts are the ones I write in my head while making dinner

It’s true. The seeds of most anything that’s ended up here have been sown during my most mundane of tasks, which quite often ends up being around dinner time on Tuesdays. And the funny/awful thing is that, in my head, I’m able to “write” a beautiful post from beginning to end. But what ends up on the page the next day is usually a distilled version of it, and that’s only if I manage to remember it decently well. I’m not a great in-the-moment writer. I’ve always needed to think of my words first and then spew them forth…and then significantly edit, edit, and edit some more said spew.

That’s kind of what’s happening here, except that although I came up with some rather relevatory and intriguing thoughts while making a batch of quesadillas last night, they’ve become very fragmented today. It’s almost like trying to recall a dream, except that the remnants are much more coherent. You see, I’ve been in a supremely weird headspace of late, and I’m pretty sure that is has to do with college. Specifically, my college, and that fact that this year marks the 20th anniversary of me graduating from it. That’s insane, right?

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Whatcha gonna do with that history degree?

The following post original appeared on Geek Force Network, July 5, 2013. And that sucks. Not the site, but the fact that I’m even older now. ACK?!

I realized the other day that this year marks 20 years since I ended high school and began college. 20 years?!  Um, ick. And where the hell did the all that time go? [Sigh.] Because nostalgia is a bitch (that I surely love), of course my college beginnings have filtered back into my mind. Ahhhh….those days. Those days when was I cast into the “real world” and treated like an “adult.” Those days where I had the freedom to screw up and around in ways I never imagined. Those years of having to make decisions without really thinking of the consequences. Those years where guidance about college majors and jobs was never really guided, but rather was mostly left up to my own devices and sometimes poor choices. I certainly didn’t follow a yellow brick road to my current job, and I definitely didn’t think that acing a few high school history classes would ever lead to something bigger.

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