This nostalgia trip was brought to you by the letter “c” for “cereal” and “cartoons”

At the beginning of “Breakfast Club,” rapper Murs alludes to the notion that we should all be able to relate to the following childhood memory: waking up on Saturday morning, grabbing a big bowl of sugary cereal, and watching cartoons.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? If that’s how you remember your childhood, then bully, just bully! I, for one, harbored a very similar routine, only sans the sugary cereal.

You remember the whole “anti-dentite” routine from Seinfeld? Well my folks were “anti-sucrose-ites.”

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Atari’s Home Run, or maybe just a foul ball called fair

I grew up in a baseball household.  My dad played it, still plays softball, and has been an MLB fan for many years. My mom was always a cheerful supporter.  I fondly remember watching professional teams play on TV and going to my dad’s games.  When my brother and sister came along and were old enough, we had our own backyard team.  I know that my dad hoped all of us would become involved in the sport, and well…two outta three ain’t bad.  But together we watched many a World Series and rooted for our local (or close enough) Phillies.  My favorite players were Mike Schmidt and Tug McGraw, and Veterans Stadium (RIP) was the place to be. The Phils were pretty good back then, and I never forgave them for the debacle of 1993 (go Blue Jays!) and the awful Dykstra/Kruk/Wild Thing years that followed.  I moved on to root for New York teams, and kept up with the sport fairly regularly until the early 2000s when it seemed dope, greed, and carelessness ruled the field.

Boy, the nostalgia ship really sailed on that one (sorry)…

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