The Mystery Blogger Award is no mystery!

If you’ve been following me here for awhile, you know that I’m a big ol’ sucker when it comes to blog awards. Chain letter comparisons aside, there’s no denying that they are kind of fun. And who doesn’t enjoy a little peer-to-peer recognition every now and then? All this is to say that the very kind Mr. Steiner of Falcon Game Reviews recently sent the Mystery Blogger Award my way, and I’m more than pleased to say thank you. By the way, he’s no blogging slouch, so do check out/follow his incredible site that’s full of all sorts of gaming goodness!

Now, we all know how these things go, so let’s get on with the rules. Or, at least, some of them.

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Rounding up Another Couple Liebster Awards!


What goes around comes around, yes? Here in the blogosphere that often means passing around the likes blog “awards” to promote and connect with other folks who are also into this whole blogging thing. Recently, I was kindly given two such nods for the same prize, the Liebster Award, from James of Quickly Tap X and Ashley of Robo♥Beat. Many, many thanks are owed to both! If you’re not following them, you totally should be, especially if you like honest and entertaining writing about life and video games. Look, I’ll even link to them again in case you missed them the first time: Quickly Tap X; Robo♥Beat.

This isn’t my first Liebster rodeo, so let’s get on with the rules of said award. First, I must thank the good person or people who nominated me.  Done! (Nope, no more links. You’re an adult and should know how this whole Internet thing works by now.).

Second, I am to answer a set of questions proposed by the nominators. In this case, I have two sets, so let’s get to those answers!

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And the Winner is…! Not Me. But that’s okay because #Listmas2015

Some other very cool people won!

Following up on my post about Bytes that Rock!, the winners of their best video game blog award were announced as follows:

1st place: 2D Game Art Guru
2nd place: Gamers Sphere
3rd Place: 1001up

I’ve been following Gamers Sphere and 1001up for awhile now, and I highly recommend both sites to anyone interesting in keeping up with game and pop culture news, from the mainstream to the obscure. Both sites are especially infused with the personalities of their writers, making them all the more unique in a sea of game blogs/sites. 2d Game Art Guru is new to me. I’m not in game design, but after perusing the site, I can certainly see why it’s deserving of this recognition. The site is chock full of a wide variety of tutorials for anyone who’s in or looking to be a part of game design in some way. Kudos to its proprietor!

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What goes around, comes around, and sometimes it’s another blog award!

Tis a glorious Monday, is it not? Well…actually, it’s not. I mean, it is Monday after all, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Except Monday. Monday has got all the damn time in the world. What do I got? Er…have? Oh, nothin’ much, ‘cept…another blog award! I’m probably past the statute of Internet limitations (HA!) in terms of acceptance, but the way life as been rolling around lately, it’s a wonder that I can keep track of anything at all.

And boy oh boy, am I blathering on way too much. (This is Monday at work, no doubt.) Ahem. I would like to pass on my most hearty of thanks to InvaderC8 of the blog by the same name, which, as it brims perfectly with all things games and movies, should absolutely be on your blogrolls, for bestowing upon this site the Creative Blogger award. Shall we move along with the rules of acceptance? I think we shall.


  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify them via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the one who nominated you
  • Share five facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass on the rules

Alright. Well, first, other nominations. Hmm, we’ll see how many nominations I can manage by the end of the post. Second, thanks and linking — done! (Thank you again, InvaderC8!). So that brings up to the third bullet…five facts, huh?

1. I have a wonky relationship with watermelon. I hate the way it smells (especially when I have to cut it up…omfg how that funky sweet/green smell just lingers) and usually avoid eating it. However, I can manage watermelon in the following forms, and only if I don’t have to prepare it myself: grilled, dried, and laced with vodka.

2. I have not been able to watch Star Wars, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 since first seeing each of them in the theater years ago. I’ve heard repeatedly that I really should watch them again (as well as the original trilogy) in order to get prepared for Episode 7. And…I can’t. I just can’t.
2a. Speaking of Star Wars, Episode 7, I do want to see it, but I’ve stayed away from all news and videos concerning it. I want to go into that movie knowing as little as possible.

3.  As much as I love animals, since I’ve been gardening, I’ve come to despise squirrels, gophers, racoons, and some birds because of the havoc they wreak with the plants. Guess who’s not growing corn and sunflowers this year? 😦

4. Despite surviving a multitude of work schedules over the years, I’ve always been a morning person. If I were king of the world, my ideal (8-hour) work schedule would be from 6am to 2pm.

5. At heart, I’m a positive cynic. I do my best to be uplifting and maintain a positive attitude towards life and humanity, but I still can’t help but think it’s all for naught, because people are people. And that will never change.

Ah, there’s nothing like ripping apart the real from the “Internet persona.” For what it’s worth, hopefully all that was entertaining enough with the understanding that behind a blog, any blog, is a physical concoction of flesh and blood and some sense of human-ness. You spend enough time in the Internet, and it’s easy to forget that. So…having already passed along a number of blog awards to other deserving folks over the years, I’m going use this “nominations” space for my own, personal use. If you don’t care of continue to follow along from here, then by all means, please be on your way with glad tidings.

First, this year marks the second anniversary of United We Game. I really can’t express enough gratitude to my co-admins there: Hatm0nster and The Duck of Indeed, for allowing me to be a part of the site. To all of you who follow us there, have contributed to the site, and helped it grow by sharing UWG’s content, thank you. It cannot be said enough that without all the support from the blogosphere and those who stick with us through social media, UWG would not be where it is today. We’re continually working there to make things better, but it’s not always been easy considering that we all have to deal with real life. From the start, the goal of UWG was to help connect gamers and game bloggers, and we’ve not lost site of that mission. If you’d like to share your content with the site, or become a contributor of original game-related articles, we’d love to have you.

Second, if you would, kind people of the Interwebs, please turn your attention to the Bravo Mike Bravo Show. Earlier this year, I discovered that a good friend of mine from the ancient past had started up a radio show/podcast. As an avid podcast listener (I swear, some days they are the only things that keep me going at work), I first kicked myself for not finding out about this sooner, and second, I tuned in. Blake (the host), Carter (the co-host), and their band of merry rogues did not disappoint as they conversed about and skewered our beautiful culture at-large. And the best thing about the show is that listening is for a good cause! As the show grows, a percentage of its proceeds will be donated to alleviate veteran homelessness, as Blake and Carter are both veterans themselves. So please, if you have a spare hour or two that require a little vocal goodness in your ears, head to the Bravo Mike Bravo Show, where you can access the show directly, indirectly through other sites (iTunes, Spreaker, Soundcloud, etc.), and connect with the guys through social media (like Twitter @BravoMikeBravo). I promise that a good time will be had by all.



Or maybe that should be “re-prah-ZENT!” I’m not sure. Either way, another blog award came my way in the recent past, and I’m more than pleased to accept it. The award is the Blogger Recognition Award, and the bestowal comes from two fantastic bloggers-at-arms, The Duck of Indeed and StrawberrytheGlaceon. I’ve extended my thanks to both for this kind nod, and now I must get on with the rules that accompany said award.

  1. Give two pieces of advice (about blogging, I presume.)
  2. Tell the whopper of a story about how my blog got started (“whopper,” relatively speaking).
  3. Nominate others for this hallowed honor

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Have no fear, it’s the Blog of the Year (award)!

So. Has December completely flown by at light speed for anyone else? I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and getting ready for the beginning of the Christmas season. And then, all of a sudden it WAS Christmas! And now, inevitably, New Year’s Eve and Day are right around the corner.  But despite the fact that the speed of time is directly proportional to ten times one’s age (huh?), I can’t complain about the month too much as I’ve been thrice nominated for the Blog of the Year Award! This sweet bit of recognition came courtesy of the fantastic , the brilliant Duck of Indeed, and the wonderful simpleek! Hugs and thanks to you all!

We’re all old friends by now and get how these things work, right? There’s more to these awards than simply plastering thanks all over the place. As such, I must complete the following:

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Mi Familia, WordPress Style


I have to say to WordPress is a very nice place to be. Since joining the WordPress “family” a couple years ago, I can honestly say that my online social circle has easily quadrupled. And I couldn’t be more overjoyed. 😀 (Really, it’s hard to put elation into words without using all-caps, and I don’t want to yell at anyone. So that emoticon will have to do.) My thanks go out to Astro Adam of Video Games Nebula for his WordPress Family Award nomination. He has a really wonderful site full of of such sweet gaming goodness, you’d be totally remiss to not subscribe to his brand of humor and wordsmithing.

As with these fun awards, there’s a set of things which I must accomplish upon accepting the nomination. They are as follows:

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Is this love that I’m feeling? More blog awards and a return to the past.

Huzzah and  welcome good readers! One year ago this week, Recollections of Play received its very first blog “award” – the One Lovely Blog Award from Ninety Nine Percent Gaming. And I say that as if this blog is a sentient being, which I’m pretty sure it is at times. A lot has happened here in the year since then and I’m very pleased to report that blogging as only done good things for me! I’ve met an outstanding cast of bloggers, and I’m glad people enjoy my randomness. Rest assured that it shall continue henceforth until…until…well, until whenever. Randomness never ends, though my ability to exist within it…that’s another story.


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