“Are video games art?”

The always inquisitive and never dull Well-Red Mage recently bestowed the community with another “Big Question.” The first “Big Question,” you may recall, was “What have you learned since you started blogging?” Twas an interesting question to answer, on that provoked plenty of inner dialogue.

When I noticed the second question, my heart lurched a little.

Asking Big Questions #002: “Are video games art?”

Ahh, that old chestnut, is it? Honestly, I’m not even sure of how to best approach answering this for myself. Having read the responses to the Mage’s original post, as well as other responses from the community, a large part of me agrees with most folks.

Q. Are video games art?

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“What have you learned since you started blogging?”

Earlier this month, a blurb with this intriguing title (which was prefaced by “Asking the Big Questions #001”) appeared in my WordPress reader. Being the immensely curious type that I am, as well as someone who has seen a lot come and go in my years of blogging, I simply had to click. Not only that, the post was on The Well-Red Mage, a fantastic gaming/life site that I’ve followed and enjoyed for some time. I was rewarded with, well…a call to remember and share and answer a question:

“What have you learned since you started blogging?”

What an easy question, right? I mean, at first I was all like, “Oh yeah, I’ve learned TONS since I started up these writing shenanigans!”

And then I was like, “Lemme start counting! One…I’ve learned…um…well…that things…uh…”

Yeah. Maybe not so easy.

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