Gotta Go Underground

Since hearing the news of a new Yoshi game for the Wii U, I’ve had the strongest urge to play Super Mario World.  I’ve already written about the game, so I’m not going to rehash it here; but one thing I didn’t mention in that post was the soundtrack.  Because I’ve been thinking more about SMW of late, its soundtrack has been bopping about in my head. I’m pretty sure that SMW was really the first time that a game’s soundtrack penetrated my thick skull and stuck there.  The mere thought of the peppy opening music is enough to bring back full visions of Mario and Yoshi.  But one tune in particular really earwormed its way into my brain, and it remains my a personal favorite of any diddies in any Mario games before or since: Underground.

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Egregious Things Part 3

Here’s a great read from The Duck of Indeed (haha, that rhymed!) about things bad, worse, and even worse than that. Y’know what I hate? Crowded public transportation. Just…everyone…stop standing on top of me! And why the heck does it smell like feet in here?! Sheesh.

The Duck of Indeed

Come on over for another list of things worthy of hate and disappointment.  Yes, the duck decided to do another one of these things.  It’s…egregious things…cubed!

            I don’t like when names of stores or whatever use ‘n’ in place of and.  It just bugs me.  Put an’ if you’re going to be goofy, but not ‘n’.  No one says ‘n’.  It’s not natural.  They’d say and or an’.  It’s not even that easy to say ‘n’.  Which is easier to say: Ducks an’ Geese or Ducks ‘n’ Geese?  Normal sentient beings do not say ‘n’!  I don’t like ‘n’!  That’s a big N for NO!  I have also always hated the phrases “for him”, “for her”, or “his and hers”.  They’re just creepy.  I can’t explain how.  It’s like they’re implying they know the person you’re giving something to or whatever, and a simple “him” or “her” is…

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When good is just okay enough: Street Fighter EX3

Street Fighter EX3, released in late 2000,was the first 3D Street Fighter game I ever played. Up to that point we had been wearing thin our copy of…which game was it? Super SFII or SF Alpha 2…one of those.  Plus, we didn’t have a fighting game for the PS2, so why not?  It seemed awesome enough that SF was finally being moved into the world of 3D graphics.  It seemed like the new tag team battled would be loads of fun.  It seemed like there’d be new stuff to learn with new characters mixed in with old favorites.  We weren’t entirely wrong in our assumptions, but we weren’t entirely right.  EX3 was a good game, but not the greatest the series had to offer.

Street Fighter EX3 cover art © Capcom, Arika, Sony
Street Fighter EX3 cover art © Capcom, Arika, Sony (source)

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My Childhood and Mastering Slams on Saturday Evenings (A guest post)

Join me in welcoming Chris from At the Buzzer and his recollections of Saturday Night Slam Masters.  They nicely fill a void here since I’ve never played a wrestling video game. In fact, my wrestling-related memories don’t extend much beyond WWF and Sunday mornings in the 80s.  See, professional wrestling was on before a delightful block of Godzilla and/or kung fu movies and after an equally delightful bunch of Three Stooges shorts.  Yeah, all that plus church were pretty much how Sundays went in our house.  Yep…Sundays. Boy, that was boring.  But not to worry!  Chris’s article will allay your boredom — read on and share in his story.

Saturday Night Slam Masters box art © Capcom, Nintendo
Saturday Night Slam Masters box art © Capcom, Nintendo

One of the primary focuses here on Recollections of Play is a trip down nostalgia lane to video games played in one’s youth. I played a lot of classics back then, like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, but there were also some lesser-known games like Brawl Brothers of which I’m not so proud.

So here’s my dirty little secret about my childhood that I don’t talk about much: I’ve kinda liked professional wrestling for a long time.

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Death isn’t funny, but it is kinda fun in Plague Inc.

Mobile gaming is quite the force these day, isn’t it? I mean, I certainly take notice when I see stats suggesting that the vast majority of phone and tablet owners use them to play games. The fact that Temple Run 2 secured 50 million downloads in 13 days is pretty astounding. More and more developers are pushing more and more money into mobile games, and that’s something considering that we’re on the verge of the next generation of consoles.

I’ll certainly admit that I’ve done my fair share of mobile gaming. I have an Android phone and a Kindle on which I’ve downloaded (and deleted) several games each.  I been consumed in one particular game of late: Plague Inc. It was released last spring, and I first heard about it on one of those video game television programs that no longer exists. “Kill” the world’s entire population with a terrible superbug? It sounded really intriguing, and maybe a little scary, yet it was quickly forgotten…until just recently.

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This out of place, but I just had to depart into the real world for a moment. Have you experienced a significant drop in blog hits recently? This is might be why. After seeing a dramatic drop in views on RoP over the past several days, I did some investigating. Just FYI for those who may not already know. Thanks Google.  Love and punches, cary

Getting schooled by a scribblenaut

I like words.  I write a lot of them everyday in different contexts.  I think I have a fairly good grasp of the English language and understand the difference between nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  My confidence in my grammatical abilities has occasionally wavered, but never did it so much as when I played Super Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS.

Super Scribblenauts cover art © Nintendo, Warner Bros.
Super Scribblenauts cover art © Nintendo, Warner Bros., 5th Cell (source)

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