Game projects

In 2014, I tackled my first “game project,” playing through my first ever Pokemon game (Pokemon LeafGreen). This is my archive of posts on that game and others that I tackle.

Project 151 – Playing Pokemon LeafGreen
A New Initiative
The Game and the Starter Poll
The Starter Chosen
First Impressions and a Question
Slow going but making progress
Get while the getting’s good
Round and round (with Pokemon, not Ratt)
One Badge Away from Victory
The home stretch…maybe? Maybe not.
Oh, I’ll get it done, eventually, I promise

Mission [JRPG]/Chrono Trigger — Playing Chrono Trigger
A New Year, A New Game Project
Your vote counts!
The results are in! And the winner is…
Beginning at the Beginning
Of Fake Queens and Real Frogs (With Swords)
Progress…I haz it?
Moving fast, playing faster
Is Ayla..a Cat…?
Forest Stops and Frog’s Tales
Kicking Ass and Riding the Weird Waves of Time
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Getting Crono back, and getting back at Lavos

Ac!d Commander — Playing Metal Gear Ac!d
Let’s get KRUNK!
Now that we know how to move, let’s start moving!
Finding Gary (part 1)
Finding Gary (parts 2 and 3)
A circuitous route to obtain C4
There better be some goddamn C4 in this armory…
We have C4; let’s blow up something!
The long and winding road (oh so looooong)

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