Survival of the Somewhat Competent

Valheim’s in my “active” pile now; but before its release to console, I mused on Virtual Bastion about it and my non-relationship with survival games.


When Valheim was first released in early access on PC early 2021, it took over my news feed for several weeks. A number of bloggers I followed jumped on Valheim and seem to take to it very quickly and very positively. Like any new live-service game, it apparently came with its share of issues, but they didn’t appear to dampen too many spirits. Yes, I read a lot about Valheim in the first half of 2021, but that’s all I did…read. For you see, Valheim was, and still is a survival game, a “brutal” one as advertised, at that. Which meant that I would stay at arms-length from it, thank you very much.

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