A Deathloop slideshow

In the museum world, there’s a thing called a “permanent loan.” As a phrase in the real world, it makes no sense. A loan has a beginning and end, so how can it be permanent? However, if you somehow manage to get a museum agree to accept your prized thingamajig on permanent loan (it’s not a very fashionable route to go these days), it means that the museum gets to keep the thingamajig “forever and ever,” while you and maybe your heirs and their heirs, if you’re a planner, still own it “forever and ever.” Just better be sure you keep all that paperwork!

What the hell does this have to do with Deathloop? Almost nothing….except that it’s a game I’ve put it on “indefinite hiatus.” See? This is also a phrase that makes no sense to most, but gamers get it. It’s when you set an unfinished game aside for an indefinite amount of time with the intention of playing it again…someday. Could be in a week or two, could be in a year or two. But, you do still want to actually complete it, just not in the present moment. I had been having a pretty good time with Deathloop last summer, until its repetitive time loop mechanic got the better of my patience. I do want to see the game through for myself, but when that will occur, I can’t say. I’m thinking that this slideshow might help with some motivation. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy some pretty pictures from a pretty game with the rest of you good people!

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