The Prosaic Life in Games

Sometimes, gaming is about action and excitement. Other times, it’s about doing all the things one might do in real life, only more with more…fun(?) involved. Is the prosaic life in games one worth “living?” I examined that question recently on Virtual Bastion.


The routine task. The boring chore. The mundane errand. Each day we’re faced with tackling these things, sometimes on their own and sometimes in groups. They are never something that would be categorized as “fun,” but they need to be done regardless. Grocery shopping. Picking up prescriptions. Standing in line to pay bills. True that some of our most rote tasks have been made less awful thanks to technology, but at least some of that simply involves passing them onto someone else. In the end, we do what needs to be done. I go to the grocery store, pick up prescriptions, and stand in line to pay bills because I have to.

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