Rethinking Replays

Gaming shouldn’t come with baggage, but it does, at least a little in my world, when it comes to replays. In a world where I have so many new gaming choices, why do I keep turning back to old favorites? And more importantly, should I? Recently, I pondered these thoughts and more over on Virtual Bastion.


One of my oldest gaming habits is turning to old favorites whenever I fail to find footing with something new. Super Metroid and Super Mario 64 were two such staples. For years I kept copies of them alive on one Nintendo system or another, and I’d fire either of them up any time a new game just did stick. This time spent was to reset rather than fully replay either game. I’d play for just a session or three until I felt ready to move onto something else. Nowadays, this habit hasn’t much changed, though the games have. Now whenever I rebound off a new or new-to-me game, like recently with Divinity: Original Sin II, I tend to reset with either Mass Effect or Dragon Age, which is what happened. I fell off DOSII into Mass Effect. I got through it about two-thirds of MEII before I…

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