Wrong game, wrong time? – Divinity: Original Sin II

There’s always a risk in trying out any new-to-you game, but it’s usually one worth taking. Usually. With Divinity: Original Sin II, unfortunately, my hopes outweighed reality, as I recently discussed over on Virtual Bastion.


In the hunt for something to grab my attention post-Fallout 76 at the end of last year, I turned to comparing some of my old wishlists to various holiday gaming sales and found what I thought might be a perfect match in Divinity: Original Sin II. Here was a game, on sale, that I had longed to play in years past. It promised rich lore, great characters, deep storytelling, interesting environments, and plenty of exploration. Its review scores were roundly positive across the board, with players claiming it to be nothing less than the second coming of RPGs, a must-play to the highest degree. Well, as I already spoiled with the title, my time with it was not quite as stellar as I had hoped.

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