Cary’s Most Anticipated Games of 2023

With so much to play and so many new games on the horizon, coming up with a “most anticipated” list for Virtual Bastion this year was a challenge. I feel like I could have listed Starfield over and over, but I am eyeing a few other choice titles, as you’ll see from my list!


As it goes, many recent years have been “great years for gaming,” and it causes me to wonder if that well is ever going to dry up a little. After all, what’s to make a year greater in gaming than another if nothing but greatness abounds? Okay, so maybe I’m getting a little rhetorical, because really, the leaps and bounds that are made in the industry each and every year never cease to amaze. Perhaps the key now is that we have so much choice among so many great games. From games big and small, photorealistic to pixelated, complex to simple, anyone who wants to play video games is going to find their perfect game. And the best thing is, that perfect game may change year over year, or it might stay that same forever. My own 2022 in gaming turned out both as expected (I made the most out…

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