My PlayStation Year in Review (2022)

Another year, another twelve months (or thereabouts) with PlayStation. Well, sort of. Unlike in previous years, I didn’t spend every waking gaming moment of 2022 with my PS5. Yes, it’s an excellent console, and its DualSense controller has soared to my top spot as far as those things are concerned. (Nudging out the Xbox 360 controller, which I will never not adore.) But obtaining my own Xbox Series S and more ready access to Game Pass knocked the PS5 out of “favored” status late in the year. I think my year-in-review stats reflect this change. Ot maybe I’m just not the gamer I used to be. Either way, let’s get on with whatever Sony thinks of me and my gaming habits!

They kicked things right off with hours played, which displayed a definite decrease for we when compared to previous years. Down about 40% from the averages of 2019 and 2021. Notably, my number of days plays looks much more normal than last year, which counted every single time I did just daily logins for something or other.

Is that a lot? Because I feel like it’s a lot, at least for me. Again, since I have enough info now for averages, mine rests at about 12 games per year, and even that’s high, because I’m pretty sure it’s counting every time I clicked into a new game and not actually played/completed it.

Once again, FO76 made the top of “most played” list for the year – not surprising. What is surprising is that the algorithm picked FPS as my fav genre. Hilarious! I’m guessing that’s due to Cyperpunk 2077 and Deathloop, which didn’t make the cut hours-wise here, though I feel like I sunk a decent amount of time into it.

Yep. That’s a number. It picked up on the oddest two trophies, too – maybe the most recent? No idea.

This has nothing to do with anything, however, what’s funny is that there’s an hour missing between the online hours count here and the one in the first slide. Where the hell did it go? To what game?? Shouldn’t they be the same? Why am I freaking out about it??!

This slide has nothing to do with me and Stray, but I thought the stats were pretty cute, especially the one about traveling the buckets. Stray is the BEST.

Let’s wrap this up…

…and, scene.

If I have one final thought here, it’s that Fallout 76 won’t make next year’s stats. I needed to cut ties with that game, and so far, so good. Did I get sucked back into Fallout 4, however…? Well, yes, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll wait until I see 2023’s stats before I start judging myself.

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