Listmas 2022: Cary’s hopes for the next Fable game

For my final Virtual Bastion Listmas post of the previous month, I pinned down all my “hopes” and “dreams” for the next Fable game…if it ever sees the light of day. (It will — fingers crossed!)


I could easily list of a dozen things I’d want as far as gaming goes this Christmas, but none are quite as close to my heart as craving the next game in the Fable series. In as much as games like Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and Sam & Max: Hit the Road shaped my formative gaming years, I wouldn’t be the video game player I am today without Fable. It served as a gateway I never knew I needed, one into the grand world of fantasy, magic, and most importantly, RPGs. It opened my eyes to a new landscape of gaming, one in which choice and engagement made all the difference.

News good and less good surrounding the latest Fable game, which was announced 2020, has surfaced recently, and it’s made me think again about the existing games and what I hope to see in this…

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