A Pirate’s Life for Me?

Was playing the much-redeemed Sea of Thieves a good idea for someone so averse to PVP? Surprisingly, it was! At least for a little while. Read all about my novice adventures on the high seas here on Virtual Bastion.


TL;DR Eh, probably not. But it was somewhat fun while it lasted!

When my household first dipped into Game Pass, Sea of Thieves almost immediately went on the “play later” list, along with several other multiplayer offerings. Like so many other live service games, this one came with its own story of redemption. After a rocky start in 2018, the game chugged along with lots of loyal fans in tow. Rare pushed out update after update, improvement after improvement, making the game bigger and better. Now in its seventh season, and having attracted the likes of one Jack Sparrow for a particularly intriguing storyline, SoT hasn’t shown any signs of letting up. As far as its community is concerned, it’s a pirate’s life or no life at all!

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