Spooptober: Wise Mothman

Fallout 76 is full of odd creatures, but none are quite as spoopy as the Wise Mothman, a nice version of the otherwise angry Mothman, that bestows a little something extra during a particular event. See Virtual Bastion’s #Spooptober spectacular for more on this “monster” like no other!


To Bethesda’s credit, Fallout 76 is a game that’s much better than it once was. Between when I started playing the game in 2019 and now, it’s become more enjoyable and less broken, both good things. But the one good thing the game had going for it all along is its lore. Setting the game in apocalyptic Appalachia was an excellent choice, as the region is rife with history, folk tales, and, to a degree, has its own spooky aura. Among the game’s spookiest (or spoopiest) features are its cryptids – versions of creatures that are believed but not proven to exist. The game has several different cryptids, most of which are based on extant folklore, from the extremely intimidating Sheepsquatch to the otherworldly Flatwoods Monster to the gooey and gross Snallygaster to the giant, headless Grafton Monster. However, none of these enemies (they’ll attack on sight) quite compares…

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