Spooptober: Clanker

More #Spooptober fun from Virtual Bastion! This time round, my pick went to a character who might not have the nicest appearance (outside and in) but is a nice “guy” anyway. It’s Clanker from Banjo-Kazooie!


My Virtual Bastion cohorts and I have lots in common when it comes to gaming. A sweet spot we all share is a fondness for one of the best duos in 3D platforming: Banjo and Kazooie. Personally, the duo’s first outing, Banjo-Kazooie, was a formative game, one that helped me through a memorably awful stretch of real-life woes. The game’s colorful action, positive vibes, and snarky attitude (thanks to Kazooie, mostly) all clicked with me at a time when what I needed most was to just feel upbeat about something.

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