Spooptober: Trollololo

While Virtual Bastion’s #Spooptober celebration ends today, it’s only just beginning here! Our theme was “spoopy” characters – those who seemed creepy at first but turned out to be quite cordial. My first pick was Trollololo from The Witcher 3. Sure, maybe he ate some quarreling folks out of confusion, but he did it for a good cause and still just wants to help.


I would venture that most of us might pause upon stumbling across a formidable creature with a penchant for bashing in heads and a taste for human giblets. And further, if we were armed with any sort of weapon, desiring to injure the large beastie before it had any chance to inflict harm upon us would only be a natural reaction. I know that’s my approach, in games, when it comes to dealing with any creature that I immediately perceive as a threat. But, when playing as Geralt in The Witcher 3, a different sort of mindset settles in. Granted, Geralt is a monster hunter, but he also understands monsters in ways that no regular human could. As well, not all monsters in the game want to destroy Geralt immediately at first sight. So what happens when he comes across a singing rock troll that’s apparently eaten everyone in…

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