A Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen slideshow

Another game, another screenshot slideshow! And this time, it’s not a BioWare game; rather, it’s Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, the original version of which (just Dragon’s Dogma) marked its 10th anniversary this year. I picked up this action RPG from Capcom a couple years ago, as I had long had it in mind as something to try out. I fell rather hard for it for a time — it’s an extremely solid game with a lots of exploration, enemies to battle, and typical role-playing elements to manage — but then bounced pretty severely when…um…something happened in the story that I just didn’t like. It sounds petty and naïve, but for while in the game, I thought that I was driving my character’s destiny, but then the story steered me on a course that proved otherwise, and my momentum with it just died. While I’ve not given up on the game fully, it is teetering towards my DNF pile. Looking through my screenshots of the game, I do remember why it felt so fantastic in its beginning throes, so maybe there’s still hope. What follows is in no particular order, and some of the shots are admittedly very random and even more random. I made several vain attempts to use the game’s photo mode, and…well…yeah. Not all images are created equal.

Anyway, enjoy!

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