Fable III Co-Op: Better Late Than Never?

As much as I enjoy the Fable series, I knew from the start that it might not hold much traction with my husband. Still, us trying out Fable III’s co-op a decade after the game’s release was…something? Well, it worked, at least. That might have been the nicest thing I said about it here on Virtual Bastion.


With a some extra time on our hands over the recent holiday weekend, my household dug a little further into some multiplayer options through Game Pass. We steered clear of MMOs and looked for local multiplayer and co-op options. In doing so, a huge surprise rose to the top: Fable III. “Wait, WHAT?” was my immediate reaction, because if I once knew that Fable III offered two-player co-op, it had long exited my memory banks. Having never tried co-op when the game was fresh, I had no idea if it actually still worked today, and..well…it’s Fable III, the most disappointing of the Fable trio. Though I knew I could tolerate the game’s nonsense, I wasn’t sure if my other half would, as he had never played it before. After promising that I would try Back 4 Blood with him (oh, the things we do for love), we dove…

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