Ranking my Free-to-Play Free-for-All

After my impromptu free-to-play summer, which of the few games I played would I revisit, and which would I skip? I answered that age old question here on Virtual Bastion!


When I decided to see what free-to-play console games might work in my household for future fun times, I didn’t intend for the venture to become “a thing.” Now, with six new games proverbially under my belt, it seems like deciding which ones were the “winners,” is only the right and fair thing to do. After all, not only can it be helpful to take a look back on achievements and failures, but… I also need to clear off my Xbox’s nearly-full hard drive. (No seriously, I can’t fit another thing on it — something’s gotta go!) Anyway, of the games I played –DC Universe Online, TERA, Skyforge, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Final Fantasy XIV, and Star Trek Online which ones are being cut, and which ones are keepers? Read on to find out! And note, these are my personal rankings…

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