Monthly Maunder, June-September 2022

Am I back to writing again? Um, maybe? Life remains far from normal, here, there, or anywhere, so it’s a little hard to know for sure. Still, since I have a few moments and a relatively clear head, it seemed like a good time to take a another brief walk down short-term memory lane. The past few months have been, well, “unsettled” is a good word for it. “Frustrating” is another. I could probably think of more, but let’s get to some more focused ramblings.

  • The last time I wrote anything original was…a while ago. It was the intro to my Endless Ocean re-post, in which I alluded to some unfortunate IRL happenings, once of which involved my husband. Long story short, he broke (more like shattered) his wrist and ended up in surgery. Yeah, it was bad, and it was scary for the both of us. It happened while he was skateboarding. I guess he wouldn’t have had it any other way, but the accident was awful enough that he is now questioning his future with a sport that’s been with him for decades. That he may choose to never skate again breaks my heart a little, but I certainly understand. Anyway, his surgery went well — he’ll forever be setting off metal detectors thanks to a permanent plate in his wrist — and he’s now on the back half of healing, in physical therapy, and all that.
  • STRESS has pretty much been a constant factor for the past couple months, as a result. Hence me not being in the right mindset to write, or watch, or play, or pretty much do anything other than worry about my husband and yell at insurance agents over the phone. Every bad thing ever said about American healthcare is true – it fucking sucks.
  • Over the summer, I started bouncing around various free-to-play games, and I continue to bounce from game to game. I wrote about this back in June, and while it kinda, sorta felt like I might have gotten into some sort of groove later in the summer, my husband’s injury threw that in the toilet. I’m not upset about it; in fact, for someone who has tended to complete one game at a time (with maybe a few side excursions here and there), it’s provided an interesting change of pace. Thanks mostly to Game Pass, I’ve explored games that I normally would have ignored, and it’s been fun. A different sort of fun, but fun nonetheless. I’ve quit worrying so much about seeing games through to their credits (though I did complete some great titles, like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and have just enjoyed playing whatever feels right in the moment.
  • I do remain disappointed about Saints Row, what with its mediocre outing. I should have known better than to gets my hopes up, but I had thought would replace the hole left by Fallout 76 (goddamn, if The Pitt isn’t just the most mediocre expansion I’ve ever experienced in a game in recent memory). Oh well. I’m sure it’ll go into the deep discount bin at some point. Or, maybe it’ll come to Game Pass/PS Plus someday.
  • At the moment, I’m mostly enjoying Sea of Thieves, a title that my husband (now that he can use a controller again) had long wanted to play together. It was never a game on my radar thanks to my understanding that its PVP reigned supreme (bUt YoUr A pIrAtE, and all). We’ve had a couple unpleasant run-ins with utterly obnoxious randoms, but the experience has been pretty good overall.
  • Turning to Sea of Thieves reminded me that I had a pirate-y game in my PS backlog: GreedFall. Okay, so the game has nothing to do with pirates, but its 17th century, European aesthetic reminds me of such.
    • Aside: when I worked in theatre costume shops another lifetime ago, one of my most/least favorite things to make were men’s 17th century coats, the ones with big cuffs and fancy accoutrements. They were difficult in-process, but the results were always great. Same went with women’s clothing from that same era.
  • Anyway, GreedFall is surprisingly okay. I’m only just a few hours in, and it’s far from a perfect RPG, but I’m kinda vibing with De Sardet and her crew. Gameplay-wise, it’s reminiscent of The Witcher 3, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m hoping to settle into it for a while, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…
  • Especially considering that I’ve been thinking about picking up FFXIV again. I really love my Roegadeyn archer, but the archer’s combat style annoys me. I know that the mechanics of gameplay won’t change with a different character, but I’ve been thinking I might try an Hyur in a warrior class of some sort. We’ll see.
  • I started a pretty good run on my own in Star Trek Online with a Rigelian science officer, but I just don’t know. As much as I enjoyed trying out the game – it even ended up at the top of my own ranking of the free-to-play games I tried – the more I’ve gotten into it, the less pleasant its gameplay has become. Boy, but I sure do love its universe. Maybe I should just go and watch some Star Trek or something.
  • Speaking of that “or something,” one thing we started watching is Lost. Y’know, that popular TV show from a few years ago about the folks who crashed onto an island and battled with polar bears and smoke monsters? That was about all I knew going in, as I’d never watched it originally, though I had certainly seen/heard/read all about it, especially its ending, in the interim thanks to the Internet. We’re on the verge of finishing season five, and it’s been, um…weird as hell? I understand know why folks were so obsessed with it during its run, and why it provoked such heated debate. Like so many other TV dramas, it started with a decent premise and then went off the rails. Like really fucking far out. It turned into “well, this is just dumb” territory, but whatever, I’ll keep with it.
  • Oh, and we’re also watching Andor – the least Star Wars-ian Star Wars thing ever, and we’re trying hard to stick with She-Hulk. There are parts of the show that I really love, but it’s mostly falling flat with me personally. Actually the same is true with the latest season of Reservation Dogs. It’s first two seasons were excellent, and while season three has had some incredible moments, overall it’s just not resonating as strongly.
  • All of this flitting around in entertainment and purpose is coming directly from the upheavals of the last couple months. (Gosh, I’ve not even complained about work. It’s been a nightmare over the last two months, and it will continue to be so for another month, at least /sigh.) Right now, it feels like the road back “normalcy” is constantly under construction, and yet, it’s the only road there is.
  • All I can do is just keep going until I reach the other side. That’s all any of us can do, really.

… … …

  • Hmm, sorry to end on such a somber note. It’s not all bad.
  • Look, the sun is coming out, and I just made a nice pot of coffee. Let’s have a cup, ignore all the drivel for the moment, and remember just that. It’s not all bad.


    • Thank you! He’s much improved since I wrote this post. Physical therapy is doing wonders, and he can mostly use his hand/wrist now regularly without too much trouble. All good and getting better!

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