Deathloop First Impressions

Deathloop is a game that’s both unique and familiar. Its premise keeps one guessing even in the midst of big reveals and small finds. My progress with it has slowed of late, but you can find my first impressions of the game here on Virtual Bastion.


Fact is, I should have played Deathloop when I first picked up the game last year. It was right around the Christmas holiday, when I had a nice chunk of time off. And had I known, or rather, paid attention to what the game offered, I might have more strongly opted to play it then. But, I had been avoiding spoilers and all that, so I didn’t quite know much about the game save for the names of its main characters (Colt and Julianna). Then the holidays arrived in earnest, life took over, and gaming didn’t quite go as I thought it might. Deathloop was relegated to the ever-present backburner until…well, whenever o felt as though I could rightfully tackle it. I didn’t quite think it’d take me the better part of a new year to get to it, but after going off on many a tangent and not having…

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