To (Not Quite) Infinity and Beyond in Star Trek Online

While I’m now quite sure that choosing to play Star Trek Online was a good idea, I wasn’t so sure when I first dove in. My round-up of what happened then is here on Virtual Bastion.


When I started out with my summertime free-to-play MMORPG free-for-all, there were five games on my list: DC Universe Online, TERA, Skyforge, Phantasy Star Online 2 NG, and not Final Fantasy XIV, but rather Star Trek Online. After the FFXIV diversion, there was only one thing left to do, and that was to give Star Trek Online a shot. As with most of the other titles, I knew the STO in name only, and it was mostly thanks to that time many months ago when I was completely obsessed with Neverwinter, which was developed by the same studio. Going in, no small part of me was excited, as I grew up with Star Trek in my veins. Everything about it, from its TV shows to the movies, was staple entertainment in my childhood household. If I was nervous about anything, it was that…

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