Stray – A Spoiler-Free Review

To play to not to play Stray? That is the question. Or, it’s a question, particularly if you’re thinking about whether or not to play Stray. If it might be of any help, check out my spoiler-free review of it here on Virtual Bastion.


In 2020, my cat passed away after what we hope was an enjoyable nineteen years with us. We all know 2020 was a bad year; this made it personally one of the worst in recent memory. I thought I had come to terms with his loss over the past two years, but about five minutes into Stray, I knew that wasn’t the case. As I maneuvered my little orange feline over and around pipes and greenery after its three friends, pain and sadness began to surface. I wished so badly that my cat was still around; the feelings almost distracted me from the game itself. The events following the game’s introduction didn’t help, and I seriously thought that I wouldn’t be able to continue. Nevertheless, I fought through the sobs and kept going. I’d like to think that my cat would be proud that I didn’t quit.

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