Fallout 76: Year Three in Review

While I’m not really saying goodbye to Fallout 76, I’ll never forget my first…video game to which I subscribed. This third “year in review” on Virtual Bastion is my last for this game, however. Good times we had. Such good times.


In typing up this review of my third year in Fallout 76, one question stalks my mind: is it my last? I know that I won’t be renewing my Fallout 1st sub after it expires next month. I also know that I don’t plan on dedicating a significant portion of my future gaming time to to it. Suffice to say, I’ve wrung as much enjoyment as I can from the game, and it’s I think it’s finally time to move on. Or, at least take another significant break from the game, so that if/when I do come back, it’ll feel a little more fresh than less. The game’s world is brilliant; it’s just too bad its content simply does not shine as brightly.

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