First (and Maybe Last) Impressions of DC Universe Online

In flitting from game to game, a recent jump took me into the world of DC Universe Online. It was…okay. Fun at times, not very fun at other times. See my further and thoroughly middle-of-the-road thoughts on it on Virtual Bastion.


In my household’s ongoing quest to find enjoyable multiplayer outings, we’ve found plenty of fodder. But lately, continued interest on both our parts has taken a dive. It Takes Two was a great thing, but not one to revisit; Bethesda’s offerings of ESO and Fallout 76 haven’t drawn either of us in lately (despite my subscription to the latter); and Neverwinter, with its recent cavalcade of updates, has fallen to the perennial backburner, too. We recently tried Tribes of Midgard, but survival isn’t our thing. We’d like to take up Elden Ring together, but we know we don’t really have the time right now to get mired in a game so fierce. In a twist, the likes of Final Fantasy XIV has been calling mildly from the sidelines, but it’s not been nearly loud enough for us to want to invest in it now.

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