A Dragon Age: Inquisition Slideshow

Like most folks who play games and want to remember their triumphs and tribulations, I’ve been capturing and saving screenshots for a good couple of years. My own screenshot collection pales in comparison to some, but it’s grown large enough that I’ve started to wonder what the heck I’m going to actually do with all of them.

If you happen to follow Virtual Bastion’s YouTube channel, I’ve used (and will likely continue to use) some of them in a series we call “Screenshot Theater.” It’s in that vein that I thought I’d try out something like that here. Since WordPress’s “upgrade” to the (sometimes not that great) blocks system, they’ve added some interesting features concerning images. And, well…maybe that’s not really true and they were always there and I just wasn’t paying attention, but…now I’m paying attention, sort of. (Sometime it just takes me a minute, y’know?) I’ve seen other blogs do screenshot galleries before, and I always enjoy scrolling through them, living vicariously through another’s adventures in games and gaming.

So, here’s my first attempt using images — in WP’s slideshow format — I captured from a playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition I did in 2019. It was my first ever time with the game on the PS4, hence all the trophy images, which I left in because those captures are often taken at the weirdest moments, including that one Dorian’s butt (You’re welcome?) The rest I took on my own, usually to cement some sort of cool moment or nifty scene of, um…scenery. (The game is very pretty.) Oh, and my inquisitor this time round was a rogue who was mean with a bow and arrow, and he was probably my most favorite one yet. He was something like the male version of my very first inquisitor, who was also a bow-and-arrow rogue, only he was much more sassy! Goodness though, did he ever try too goddamn hard get along with Solus, but it just didn’t happen. Dorian on the the other hand, well…I already spoiled that story.



    • I mean, I think that’s just the natural reaction to any butt, lol.

      Revisiting the gamer is still on own my to-do list, too. Someday it’ll happen!


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