Cary’s 2021 Game of the Year (and Bonus Review!)

Over on Virtual Bastion, we recently picked our 2021 GOTYs; and for me, the choice was obvious. The winner above all was…well…read on, obviously!


Looking back on my 2021 in gaming, two words come to mind: few and scattered. That’s to say I played plenty but didn’t complete many games, let alone any released in 2021. The only exception to this would be Mass Effect Legendary Edition. While its DLC was new to me, however, the excellent core experience was no different from the excellent core experiences I’d had with the trilogy in the past. In short, the Mass Effect series is a favorite, no matter the versions of the games. This leaves me with a handful, if that, of games from which to call my 2021 game of the year. Upon consideration of this very small lot, only one game fits the bill. It’s one that had been something of my own “white whale” for a while, but I can finally say that I conquered it! That game is none other than

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