Merry #Listmas2021!

Ah yes, it is #Listmas-time once again! That happy blogging holiday in which we celebrate the world of gaming through lists, lists, and more lists! Stop by Virtual Bastion all month long as we celebrate the games we love with plenty of holiday cheer.


As the air turns colder, and notes of hot cocoa fill the air, it’s time to turn our attention to one of our favorite blogging traditions: Listmas! Here at Virtual Bastion, we are once again happy to continue our December tradition of listing the best lists. If you aren’t aware of it already, Listmas is a blogging “holiday” that was started eight years ago by a fellow blogger friend, and it’s all about making lists! We’ve stuck with the tradition ever since, as Listmas has been a great way to have some fun during the hectic month that is December, while also providing a bit of respite from more serious fare. In a way, it has helped us wind down a bit before revving back up in January.

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