Fallout Worlds is Fallout 76’s Rose-Tinted Glasses Mode

In my review of Fallout 76’s Fallout Worlds over on Virtual Bastion, the best thing I could say about is that…um….I tried Fallout Worlds so you don’t have to?


A couple months ago, when I opted into Fallout 1st, Fallout 76’s subscription service, its custom world-building mode call Fallout Worlds was on the verge of release. It was not why I subbed; I only wanted to try out the game privately with an actual “lone wanderer.” In this regard, my current replay is moving along nicely. My new blank slate, Darlene, has gone full-on raider. She’s super-sneaky and great with a rifle — two things I’ve never tried out much in this or previous Fallout games — and I’m having a blast. Once Fallout Worlds came out, I largely ignored it…until recently.

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