Spooptober: World of Goo

For my next #Spooptober entry (over on Virtual Bastion), I revisited a game that’s creepier on the inside than the outside – it’s the World of Goo!


Thirteen years ago, on October 13 (how spooky!), 2008, a game was unleashed upon the world that caused quite the stir. It was unlike any game any before it. Except…well…this little game called Lemmings that also rippled the game waters considerably back in 1991. But, the game I’m speaking on is World of Goo, an indie darling that brought “goo balls” into the hearts and minds of curious players everywhere. World of Goo is a unique construction-puzzle game that may not seem spoopy at first – in fact, it looks oddly adorable if nothing else. Once one gets into the game, however, its more macabre side becomes quite evident.

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