Resonance: Mid Boss Mayhem

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a great game with a soundtrack to match! I recently gushed over one of its awesome musical themes — Mid Boss Mayhem — over on Virtual Bastion.


Even though my time with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been scattershot since I first started playing it, my sessions with the game have been wonderful. Giving credit where credit is due, that’s thanks in large part to its incredible soundtrack. I can’t say that in all my years with Mario and Mario-ish games that any given soundtrack was a particular draw. Sure, I really like the “Underground” theme from Super Mario World; and sure, it’s probably more notable to my ears when a musical theme in a game sounds out of place; but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle marks the first time I ever sought out a Mario or Mario-ish game’s soundtrack on its own. Composed by Grant Kirkhope, the soundtrack to this game is amazing in scope and quality. It has plenty of expected zany musical moments, but it’s also sweet and…

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