New Thoughts on Old DLC in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Part 2 of 2)

Let’s finish my Virtual Bastion roundup on Mass Effect’s DLC, which I only just played for the first time recently. It’s part two of my grand list and time to find out which DLC ended up on top!


Thanks for coming back for part two of my thoughts on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition‘s DLC. You can check out part one, but, in sum: I recently completed my first playthrough of the remaster, which while awesome, was made totally awesome thanks to its DLC, all of which was new to me. While the DLC varied greatly in content, some of these extra experiences helped fill in a number of plot gaps, which I always knew existed but never dwelled upon, while others took Shepard on grandiose, new adventures. Here’s the last half of the DLC list with my thoughts in tow, following by my own ranking of them.

With that, on with the rest of the list!

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