What I Hope to See at E3 2021

Before E3 was a thing that happened, I threw my hat into the ol’ E3 wishlist thing over on Virtual Bastion. Click on to see all my future gaming hopes and dreams! (Ha!)


With the heralded return of E3 just hours away, I figured I would throw my proverbial “wishlist” hat into the ring, because why not? Though the event won’t be as traditional as it once was (and will probably never be again), and though my own gaming inclinations of the past year have lain firmly on the side of known entities, I’m nonetheless excited at the prospect of ruffling my own feathers. Replaying games is fun and all, but that moment of “maybe I should try something different” hangs heavy. In the end, I suppose that my future with games will be a mix of old and new, even if the “new” things never quite comes to pass. Having E3 back to help fuel a bit of want and dreaming is a good thing, regardless of whether or not my own hopes for it are fulfilled.

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