Top 5: Things I’m Loving in the “New” Mass Effect

What’s one more run to save the galaxy? I’m having a blast doing just that in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, what with some of its most notable changes affecting the game that started it all, Mass Effect. Over on Virtual Bastion, I recently ticked off a few of them to this all-time favorite.


Even though it felt like I had a pretty full gaming plate at the time Mass Effect Legendary Edition released, of course I had to dive in as soon as decent window of opportunity presented itself. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the “legendary” version of ME1 with my renegade engineer Lynn Shepard, and I’m pretty much having the besttime.  With as many times as I’ve played this game, I still love its characters, general story, meeting the Reapers and learning of the extreme threat they pose to the galaxy, and being there to save the universe all over again. While I could be fine with playing the un-remastered trilogy until the end of days, there are a number of things in the Legendary Edition that absolutely make it, well…legendary…or at least loads more enjoyable to play. If I only had to top five of those very special…

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