Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle First Impressions

A recent chance encounter in Nintendo’s eShop led me back to the world of Mario, only with some crazy “friends” in tow. Am I happy with my purchase of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? Check out my first impressions post over on Virtual Bastion to find out!


In hindsight, I’m not sure if I picked the best or worst time to play Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch, 2017). When I got it a few weeks ago, I knew that Mass Effect Legendary Edition was in the wings, and I was already headlong into my Mass Effect: Andromeda replay. As well, Neverwinter had recaptured my attention, I retained some Fallout 76 tendencies, and my backlog was still a thing, too. But, something in the masked winds of the recent past made me dust off my Switch and start looking for something different, something familiar, something old and new. Also something shorter and more compact, considering the sprawling games I had been playing. I hadn’t bought any new Switch games since The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and with the console back in hand, I started thinking about all the games I wanted to buy when I…

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