Mass Effect: Andromeda – Worth a Second Trip?

Just before diving into the crowded pool that is Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I revisited the events of that trilogy’s oft-maligned sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Was it worth it? I answered that question and more here on Virtual Bastion.


Truth be told, I really hadn’t thought much about Mass Effect: Andromeda since I first completed it back in 2017. Between then and now, I ran though the original trilogy a couple times, because of course I did, but replaying MEA never really struck as a “thing to do.” It wasn’t until the late 2020 announcement of Mass Effect Legendary Edition that MEA popped back into my mind. I was then somewhat removed from my last Mass Effect trilogy playthrough, and I was deeply enjoying medieval fantasy times in The Witcher 3 and ESO, and also apocalyptic wasteland times in Fallout 76 and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition. But in and among it all, I considered that I could use a refresher on spacey soap opera dynamics before diving headlong into the newly-beautified Mass Effect trilogy. So when everything else was finally said and done, I made a…

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  1. Andromeda was a good experience for me. However, its story was very simple in comparison the any of the trilogy game.

    Replaying a game REQUIRES a portion to draw you back to it and the story was that reason. The world exploration/forming and character side missions were the things I loved the most about it!

    I completed every world in the game, just as I did with Dragon Age Inquisition and will never touch those games again! There was so much padding and story was fairly bland!!

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    • Replaying Andromeda felt much better for me the second time around. Agreed that’s it’s story can’t hold a candle to the original trilogy, but it was nonetheless solid. If anything, it has too many unfinished ends to call it “great.”

      I can’t help but go back to both Mass Effect and Dragon Age every now and again, just for the new-character experience. Depending on the game and how much time I have, I may or may not ignore all the “bloat, “which is especially prevalent, like you said, in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I can deal with boring story parts as long as I have the option to speed through them, haha!

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