Bidding Adieu to The Witcher 3

While it feels like it may be some time before I called The Witcher 3 really done, after finally completing its main story, I’m happy to put the game to rest for awhile. See how it all went down for Geralt and his band of merry misfits here on Virtual Bastion.


Upon last leaving The Witcher 3, Geralt and his crew (and me) had just recovered from an intense battle at Kaer Morhen, one which was brought to an end in an awful and unexpected explosion of magic brought on by none other than Ciri.  As terrifying as that was for everyone, it was not enough to stop the Wild Hunt’s pursuit of Ciri, et al. Its leader, Eredin, and his armored crew might have made their retreat, but world had not yet been saved from it or the devastating “White Frost” that promised to engulf the Continent in never-ending winter. And so, Geralt had to pursue some “Final Preparations.”

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