Cheeky Charlatans: Insult Bot

My next #cheekycharlatan for Virtual Bastion‘s April Fool’s month was Insult Bot, a Fallout 76 resident with plenty of zingers to pass out to wastelanders one and all!


Picture this.

It’s 25 years after humanity has been obliterated, and you emerge, somewhat bleary-eyed, from the safety of your underground vault into the West Virginia wilderness. With nothing in your possession but your C.A.M.P, a few meds, and a party hat, you spot some weapons and ammo clutched in the arms of a nearby corpse (ewww). You quickly grab what you can and head for the hills, steeling yourself against facing whatever may be out there.

After spending a few hours roaming in the shadows and ending up nowhere in particular, you randomly turn around and find yourself standing face-to-face with a robot! A robot that…seems friendly?

“Stop! Target acquired,” it says. (Um, you were already stopped, so…)

After a brief pause, the robot then says “I considered attacking you on sight, but I don’t think I could hurt you any more than life already has. Zing.”…

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