Cheeky Charlatans: Sera

The first “cheeky charlatan” I offered up for Virtual Bastion’s month of April foolery was the one and only Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition. As quick with a quip as she was with a bow, Sera’s charming audaciousness could not be denied!


In Dragon Age: Inquisition’s DLC, Trespasser, provided she and your inquisitor are friends, there is a scene that defines the elven rogue Sera more than any other. Upon the two meeting on the eve of the Exalted Council – something of a United Nations, but much smaller and more religious — Sera invites the inquisitor to a classic game of “throw pies in the faces of nobles.” Though it’s revealed in the main game that she has a big heart and cares for the downtrodden, Sera delights in being a troublemaker, mostly for the rich and powerful; a cheeky charlatan she is nonetheless.

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